Monday, August 20, 2012

In the cloud

I think the day is coming when hard drives may become extinct.  Companies seem to be moving more and more to data storage service websites to store all their data.  There will still be uses for hard drives, I'm sure, but probably not in the same capacity.  I haven't quite bought into the same idea of having every file of mine out there in cyberspace.  There are just too many hands trying to get any information they can.  I prefer to keep my personal files on personal drives in my personal space.

Missing Idaho

For me, it's hard to go back home to Idaho and then come back to Utah.  No matter where you end up going in life, no matter how good the place may be or how similar it may be, there is no place like where you grew up.  I like Idaho because it is quite, people tend to stay to themselves, and it's a lot more open.  In Utah, people always seem to be in a hurry, the lot sizes are small, and the state seems to have a self-image problem.  We have always talked about going back to Idaho someday if I could find a good-paying software engineer job in the southeastern portion.  There are some days when I wish that 'someday' would come sooner.

Science wasn't exactly my favorite subject in high school.  The ironic thing about that is my degree is in Computer Science and I have a Bachelor's degree from the school of Science for Utah State university.  I did think it was cool that you could use all these instruments in science class like the Brunson burners, the lab scale, or the other various measurement issues.  Interesting enough, I don't get to use any of those with the degree I have.  Brunson burners and software engineering don't exact mix.

3 Titles: 1 Paycheck

I've been fulfilling three different jobs at work.  A while ago, they put me in charge of a number of projects that our team was working.  That means, I'm in charge of ensuring 6 people work on the right things, items get done on time, and any customer issues are resolved promptly.  On top of that, I'm the SDET on the team.  The SDET is in charge of ensuring the code meets certain standards and that it has the proper unit tests behind it.  The SDET is also in charge of reviewing every code change that is done for the project.  There are a lot of code changes by the way.

In addition, I'm still one of the developers on the team.  I have my own tasks that I need to complete.  This particular issue tends to be that I have to do at home because the first two jobs take up most of my time at work.  It keeps me busy and it's given me a lot of experience with management and time allocation.  However, I only get one paycheck.  It would be nice if I would have the three checks for the three roles.  Perhaps it will pay off in the end.

Old Trumpet

When I was in middle school, I started playing the trumpet.  It by no means was one of those Bach trumpets possibly found at one of those really nice stores.  I remember when we went to pick it up.  We drove to the neighboring town and went to an apartment complex.  All I remember was the apartment was dark and the guy was a college student who lived by himself.  The trumpet served me well until I loaned it to a friend for school.  Then I never saw it again.  Would be nice to know what happened to it.

It's about to get crazy again

My wife is about to start school again.  This time, it will be a lot crazier than it has been in the past.  For one, she will be going to school 4 days a week this semester.  That means I will need to be home earlier on almost every day of the week.  Hopefully, the kids will be cooperative as I attempt to keep my sanity through this next semester.  I just have to remember to take it one day at a time.  We'll make it through.  Slowly but surely.

Friday, June 22, 2012


My wife always complains about having to drag hoses out when she needs to water the garden. Half of the garden gets watered by our sprinklers but the other half has to be done by hand. We did get one of those reel hose holders on wheels a few years ago, which helps, but still requires unlocking the storage shed, dragging it out, and then dragging it back and locking up. It would be nice if we could leave it out, or get one of the ones that hang on the house, but our dog Sam chews up anything he can find outside and I know it wouldn't last long.